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I’m passionate about living a life driven by purpose and passion. My story begins as a dream I once had as a child to grow up to one day build an orphanage in Africa. No, I could not locate Africa on a map, and everyone who heard this dream would either make fun of me, tell me it was impossible or laugh. Yet God’s plans are bigger than ours, and if he is willing to get his work done, he will prove the impossible, possible. And in July 2016 that very dream of mine came to life. The vision God had given me become alive. The home opened for orphan children in Ghana, Africa. And this has become my reality and my new home.

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My passion is shining a light on ending the orphan cycle, as God has placed this burden on my heart for Africa. I am also passionate about speaking that same purpose into the younger generations! The future is in our hands. I believe that anyone has the ability to change the world, despite your age! And that is what I am on a mission to do.

Thanks for stopping by, let me introduce myself 😉 13087257_608743645948392_7148850675297482356_o

My name is Devon Alissa Leondis  I am 23 years old! I am the founder of Project Nyame Nsa (God’s helping hands in Twi). I studied Communications and African Diaspora Studies at UNC. Yes I am a tar heel;) I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in May 2016 and in July I packed up my bags and moved to Ghana, Africa. Where I have the most amazing job and privilege with working with orphan children who have become my family over the past seven months!

This blog is dedicated to sharing the realities of highs and lows of adventuring with God on an unexpected journey that has led me to Africa. My intention and hope for anyone who reads this is to uncover your purpose, to be inspired by my journey and to see God in a new light. If onimg_1812e person who reads this will see that their life was created with purpose and reason for such a time as this, then my prayers have been answered.





Thanks for stopping by, and I invite you on this journey with me so that we can travel the world together, from my heart to your screen:) DSC_0148

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Project Nyame Nsa

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