The story of “Mine”

This blog is a little different, I’m sharing a story of a little boy I met ten years ago. I’m sharing his story.

Through my years going on different mission trips and experiencing new places and people majority of the lessons I’ve learned comes down to these two things.

There is power in listening to people’s stories, these are our greatest examples of hope.

Love truly changes lives.

The first time I stepped out of my comfort zone and directly into others lives without fully understanding or comprehending it was my church’s first middle school mission trip. I remember hearing my pastor talk about how this would be life changing and “good for young teens” signing up with no clue what would happen during a week in Mississippi. This was after Hurricane Katrina after many families were displaced and hurting and left in devastation with little or no help from anyone.

Our week there was spent rebuilding and painting homes as well as connecting and bonding with the local community. I remember getting close with the little girl who my group was particularly helping. I remember walking through the rainy streets of a local neighborhood in a small and rural town in Mississippi as she told me the different stories of the families that lived there, one sadder than the next.

Although I was in middle school this impacted me greatly, and everyone else on the trip. I remember nearing the end of the street when a little boy in a white t-shirt stood behind the frame of a broken down door looking at the two of us walking down the street. I asked what his name was and what his story was. I honestly do not remember now, I know his story broke my heart, but I will never forget him, and think and pray for him often.

His name was “Mine” and he eventually came behind the door and we bonded and spent the whole week together. He would eat lunch with my group everyday and we would spilt peanut butter and jelly wonder bread sandwiches, he wore my sunglasses and taught me how to dance to the cupid shuffle with other friendly children on his block. I remember one dance party after lunch in a cracked pavement driveway and just laughing and swinging all the kids around. I’m sure every other middle schooler on this trip could remember that dance party also. Mine and I were together the whole time, he even started to help us repaint the home we were working on and introduced me to his friends that started to come around as well. He also wanted to give back to his community although no one ever helped him. He started be affected and changed by love. His rough and mature exterior started to soften and I could see him smile behind the hurt in his young eyes.

I remember the last day it was raining, we were all in clear plastic ponchos putting the finishing touches on the home. I remember knowing we would leave that day and maybe never return again. This reality shook me to my core. And then it was time for goodbyes, we took our last pictures with all the local kids on our disposal cameras and prayed for each other one last time knowing we might not ever see these people again.

I walked Mine to the end of the street for the last time and my heart felt so heavy not knowing what life would have in store for this young child but holding onto to something that God had our paths crossed for a reason.

I might not ever see or hear about this boy again, but I know his story and his willingness to share with me, and be open to feeling love changed my life. And he holds a very special place in my heart.

This mission trip opened my eyes to so much, and I felt as if I had popped this bubble that I had been living in prior. There were so many people in our own country, and the world living in terrible condition with no one to talk to, to listen to them to open their arms and love them. I remember going home after that trip and hugging my parents a little tighter that night.

I will be sharing more of these personal stories from different individuals on different trips that impacted me in different ways, some that I have the privilege of seeing again some that only remain in my memory. Either way I want to share these stories as resources of hope and inspiration for anyone reading that when we listen and love others we can change the world.

Here are two pictures I found from this trip in my room

Some of the sweet kids we got to interact with that week.
The only picture I have of Mine.

Thanks for reading,

you are all loved.


What ever you  do to the least of my brothers that what you do to me. – Jesus

To love is to serve

I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except through me. John 14:6 

Lilian, Mary and Isaac

“I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.” John 14:18

These three pictures, are the pictures of our newest additions. Our family is growing. Meet Lilian 5 years, Mary 8 years and Isaac 7 years.

Our God is faithful. I look at these pictures, as I am in New York now, and will return to meet these children very soon. I see hope, and the chance at a new life. I am looking at the leaders of tomorrow. Their futures are so bright! I’m excited to love them, to meet them, to experience life with them, as they have already changed mine.

Once abandoned, now accepted. God is good. I believe in a day where our world will have no orphans. I believe that every child deserves the right to dream, the right to a better future. I believe that children deserve the right to education, love and a family. Every child belongs in a family. It’s the way God intended it to be.

I’m asking that you join our team and staff in Ghana, and our team in the US in prayer. Would you join our PNN family in prayer? Would you lift Lilian, Mary and Isaac in prayer today. There are days when I am in Ghana, going through a lot, dealing with more than I think I can handle sometimes, and then I feel relief, and I know someone on the other side is lifting me up in prayer. Sometimes I can literally feel it. I know they will, so lets come together and lift them up.

Those three pictures remind me of this picture below. The first children to come to PNN, I love how our family is expanding. I love seeing God rescue and bring light to the darkness. Because darkness cannot win, when we choose to shine light in dark places. I love being apart of something so much bigger than myself. I love seeing God move, and bring hope to the hopeless. And lastly…

I love knowing that there are three less orphans in the world today.


where there is light, there is life

with my boy Edward. This boy has my heart.

lets slow down, lets take a moment to reflect.

I’m not sure if this is a personal reflection or if I am just speaking from my heart on what this past year has meant to me.

At the end of the day, when times get rough, when life throws the unexpected your way, to a point where you feel like you are drowning in sorrow, challenges and difficultly, there is light.

There is a way out, and it comes in only one true form. Jesus.

The name above all names, the name that saves, redeems, rescues, loves and forgives. The name that selflessly gave himself so that we could have eternal life. Life that so greatly surpasses the length and meaning of this life.

There is freedom in Christ. A lot of people want to believe the opposite. I have seen this freedom, I have lived in it, I have witnessed it. I have tasted its goodness. I continue to seek it, continue to enjoy this freedom in Christ. I continue to spend my life seeking his face , seeking him, getting to know him.

I have seen the most innocent lives transform finding hope, safety and love in Christ. And it is amazing. It is real. It is happening, because of Christ.

I have seen children who carried around the heaviest of burdens from experiencing abuse on every level, let it all go. I have seen the sadness and despair in their eyes turn into joy and life. Because of Christ. Because they can lay down their burdens and experiences at his feet. Those which do not determine their worth, that can be erased and renewed. Surrendering their lives into his hands. What an amazing God we have.

Hopeless lives that were set in darkness, abused, forgotten, neglected, abandoned. Yet where there is light, no darkness can hide. And there was light and life. And there will continue to be light and life. Darkness did not win, and it cannot win, if WE choose to be the light. To shed the light on darkness all around the world. To what God has called our hearts to.

Christ came so that we could live. But it doesn’t end there. We need to be an active part of bringing love and salvation to the ends of the world, to shed light on the darkness. Even if that means shedding light in the darkness of where you are now. Maybe you don’t even have to travel to get there.

Did you know that there are more slaves today than ever before in history? Most of which are children. We can choose to ignore it because it doesn’t effect our day to day. Or maybe something else touches your heart, orphans, refugees, whatever it is. I am not asking or telling you, I am just speaking from my heart. That if Christ offers freedom, hope, redemption and life wouldn’t you want to share that ?

Because where there is light, there is life.

And where there is light, darkness cannot hide.

Lets. choose. to. be. light.

Let’s make this decision every morning, renewing ourselves and our lives to Christ. Laying down ourselves at his feet to be used for his glory, in this day and age. Because we are here for such a time as this.

And where there is light, darkness cannot hide.


“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5

“I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.” John 12:46

“Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

we were made for this


Hello, I am back in New York! I was going to write a post about turning 23 in Africa, and reflect on some highlights of turning 22, but from a lack of wifi, and being so busy it didn’t happen. I’m home for some time before I head back to Ghana. With that being said I have been so busy this past week. The past 6 days consisted of a lot of traveling, the good thing is I loved traveling and don’t mind traffic, bumpy car rides (on red dirt paths) or long flights. Sitting in Accra traffic has done wonders to improve my patience 😉

I was traveling with my father to new places, which I will share in the right time. But this past week consisted of 7 flights, 35 hours of flying in total, countless hours of red dirt paths, and a 24 hour journey home. You would assume that we are very tired, but we had so much fun along the way and the 3 flights home (with the last being 14 hours home) didn’t seem so bad thanks to good old country music, writing in my journal, reading some awesome books and some in flight movies! One would assume that I am thrilled to be back home, which I am! But in the same excitement of being here is that it hasn’t even been one day since I arrived and I am already missing being in Africa. I know it is really hard for people to understand. And I am sure a lot of you, or others think that I am crazy and question this calling or desire to live somewhere, so different, remote or impoverished. It is the place where my heart lies, where my God created my spirit to thrive and be filled, and where my soul was created to be. I really thank God for giving me such a supportive family to encourage me and understand this calling. They make coming home so easy to always listen to me and the hardships of readjusting to life so different from what seems “normal” to me.

Maybe their understanding has to do with the fact that I spoke about this dream since I was young. Isn’t God amazing. It is almost as if he was subconsciously preparing my parents that one day it would become their reality as much as it would become my own. Before I could locate Africa on a map at the age of 7 or 8 I spoke of one day moving there and working with orphan children, even spoke of building a home for them. His ways are higher than ours, he gives us the desires of our hearts. Each unique and different from each others.

I like to see life as a journey, like I recently blogged about never exactly reaching a final destination. I see myself on this journey called life to show the same love that God my parents and family has shown me my entire life. The love that we are so undeserving of. I know I always talk about love and God’s love, but I don’t even think I can process just 1% of how much he loves us. God has given me this dream and desire to embrace the children I meet to remind them they are valued, loved and important in the eyes of God. To speak of hope and ignite the spark of excitement of becoming the future leaders of society and the world.

It is honestly very hard for me to come back home. I know how important it is that I take time to refresh, have others pray for me, speak about my experience, fundraise and see God move in my life on this side of the Atlantic. I know how draining serving others can be. On. every. single. level. For the next few days I like to take my time to readjust to everything. Something as simple as taking a hot shower, having consistent wifi and power, and not seeing my kids faces every morning and night is an adjustment. It’s hard to live in a third world country and just pop back home and be fine. Sometimes I feel like I see so much injustice and poverty, so much that it can be overwhelming, yet I see a place so close to heaven. Where I feel like I get to taste and reach out to grab it. With people and children that lack everything. But know more about God then most people I know. That trust him for everything, that know his word and sing his praises as they take joy in everything. Then I travel home and see people who have everything. And appreciate so little, and have an attitude where they want more and never seemed to be satisfied with the fleeting and material things of this world. It’s hard because I sometimes feel like not a lot of people understand where I am coming from. For those who do, who listen to my stories, who check up on me and send me words and emails of encouragement support and prayer. Thank you. So. Much. Thank you for being a shoulder to lean on, thank you for being apart of this journey.

Every single one of us is so different. I thank God for that. I never want anyone to confuse being christian with having to move to a place like Africa. No not everyone was called to live among the nations. You can make an impact and serve God in your 9 to 5 or in your hometown. We all have our own journey.

I’m on this journey to show God’s love to those marginalized, forgotten, abused, or orphaned in society. God has sent me to embrace those children in the exact place where he wanted them to feel that love, because he has a bright future for them. Because they are SO important and valued in the eyes of God. And if just one of those children knows that then through me God has changed the world. Just by reaching the heart of one.

We all have a different journey, that is what makes this world and beautiful and interesting place. We all have a heart for something unique and different. These journeys are fueled by different passions and dreams, motivations and hopes, sorrows and heart breaks. I’d encourage anyone to follow those dreams, because God is the one who gave you the desire of your heart. And if your reading this and you feel confused or lost along your path, and so desperately want to hear the voice of God and see his hands move in your life to show you the reason he created you for such a time as this then get in touch with him. Spend time with the creator of your heart, read his word, and speak to him. He is listening and he will answer you, and he wants to give you so much that this world could never give you, that the world could never fill you. Obviously this comes with a price of sacrifice and hardship, and discouragement. But we shouldn’t ever give up on our dreams, we shouldn’t ever let anyone or anything discourage us from living the life God created us to live. Because you were created to be here, for such a time as this! Don’t forget that. You. were. made. for. this!

Love Dev

writer’s block&new directions

Call it writer’s block, a busy day, whatever you want to call it. I haven’t found the words to describe past experiences, feelings, really anything.

One way I can describe it is having your heart feel full and empty at the same time. I’m not sure if anyone who is reading can relate, or maybe you can completely relate.

What I am trying to get at is the part of life that is hard, complicated, frustrating, sometimes even sad that brings you to a point where you feel like you’ve hit empty. zero. nothing.

Then on the other side, you see God’s glory and light upon your life. You see all that you have been spared from, protected from. You see a new path, and a new direction that the Lord is taking you. Sometimes I wish I could pour out my heart completely and write about everything that has made my heart to feel both empty and full at the same time. But I want to keep somethings private.

I am not perfect. I fall short everyday. I am learning as God takes me through steps now as someone placed in a position of leadership, and he shows me which ways to walk, to help remind me of my own selfishness in thinking in my small human sized brain not always understanding God’s magnificent and beautiful picture that he is painting. Recently I heard a preaching about learning “how do you know it is bad thing” basically the preaching was telling us that when things happen, moments where we find ourselves asking God why? How do we really know that it is indeed a bad thing?

We don’t know how he is molding us, shaping us, preparing us, guiding us, saving us from. He uses it all for his glory, for his purpose for our lives. Even the moments where I find myself being confronted with a feeling of being fulfilled and empty at the same time I know that God is teaching me something, my faith is being tested and strengthened.

Maybe some of you have felt this feeling before, maybe in a different way than I am. Maybe your experiences are different, but you feel a sense of sadness mixed in with your joys and countless blessings. Asking God why? Some of us pointing our fingers to him, some of us shaking our heads, some of us bowing down before him on our knees pleading God why, desperately waiting for an answer.

God answers prayers, in different ways at different times. And sometimes when bad things happen to really good people, we might never see the reason here. And sometimes we might never get the answer that we expected, wanted or could understand. Some things we will never understand. It’s part of being human, right? But to simply KNOW that the creator of heaven and earth is working things out for YOUR good is enough for me. It is enough for me to know that these feelings and experiences will pass, but his love will never fade. It WILL last forever. Just ask yourself right now, simply by thinking of your loved ones, your jobs, your money, your health your homes, friends…will any of it last forever? Is any of it guaranteed to last till tomorrow? No. None of it will last forever. I don’t want what kind of year you are having, or what is on the horizon for you?

If you are walking with the lord and things are looking good. Praise him

If you are walking with the lord and things are looking bad. Praise him

If you aren’t walking with the lord I am not here to tell you that you should, that is your decision to make, but I will tell you that when you accept Jesus into your heart and as your personal savior, believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth that he died and rose again, and by his blood that was shed made a way for you to enter into an eternity with God, sparing you of death, having a relationship with him, talking to him, being comforted and knowing that you are never alone. Gives me peace, purpose and a new understanding of who my role model should be. Not looking to this world for validation, searching for something to fill that place deep inside of your being where you feel alone, sad, and unfilled. I will tell you that there is only one true thing that can “fix” or “fill” that void and it is Jesus. Always, only Jesus.

I am not sure I ended this blog in the way I was planning, just sat down to write. I guess God took this another direction than what I had originally planned. That could be another blog post on it’s own. I have tried to write these past couple of weeks but the words just didn’t come, and I never want to publish something if it is not sincere and from my heart. I don’t know what tomorrow looks like, or if my power will be on in one hour from now. I don’t know all that 2017 will throw my way, or how the enemy will try to distract, or discourage me from working in this ministry but I will promise you that you have a better chance of clinging unto God’s promises when those times come, rather than clinging to a worldly foundation that will never last, that will fade and erode away. Again, if anyone wants to talk more about anything, please do not hesitate to email me 🙂

You are all loved and appreciated, your life matters, and you were created with a purpose!

Love from a very Sunny and hot day here in Ghana!


22 names

(I wrote this two days ago…but just now posting it)

I don’t know about you but I love writing. I enjoy blogging and sharing my journey with you all(was tempted to say y’all) but it doesn’t stop me from journalling as often as I can. Something about physically writing out your thoughts and seeing your words hit paper is therapeutic. Ever since I was a young girl I would just fill journals up with my thoughts, hopes and dreams for the future. I think God was using this as a way to be writing to myself to prepare my heart, mind and soul for the work He has prepared for me in life. And I haven’t stopped writing, it is my most treasured thing I have. Why? Because it is a true and accurate picture of sharing hopes, dreams, aspirations, inspirations, passion, faith, brokenness, hopelessness and all of the emotions that we feel throughout the course of life.

Going to boarding school and then college journaling was something I slowly stopped doing. Then mid junior year I started again, even if I was wanting to write about UNC, my friends, life or classes I would always end up on the same subject. Ghana(shocker right?) and starting to just write out prayers for my move, preparation for my heart and the unexpected and most importantly for the children. Every night for as long as I can remember I prayed for these very children, without knowing their name, age, place of birth, story or testimony. I just prayed, through my journalling. I filled up an entire journal just of these prayers for these children. 22 was the number of kids that first moved in, and I was 22 when this all came about. 22 and 22, this is surely God’s way of speaking to us, telling us that this is His hand upon our lives. Then I had the chance to write all 22 names on the back of the notebook sitting outside with my kids.Watching them run freely, play in the rain, dance, sing, some sat next to me and wanted to make sure that I had included their name. One even wrote his name 3 more times on the front of the notebook. This was a funny moment that reminded me of all the different and amazing personalities that I find myself living with and loving.

Tonight in particular was that amazing night that made me to pull out this pink notebook that I started in 2015 full of everything that I feel I witnessed tonight. We had our prayer night and tonight one of our boys led it. I cannot tell you the strength and wisdom that God has given this young boy in particular. The way he prayed really left me to be speechless. God doesn’t care about your age, background, anything. He just looks at the heart. I prayed each night for them, and now I am hearing them pray these exact prayers of protection, guidance, unconditional love, and provision back for me. He even went on to pray for all the staff, foster moms and even the supporters in the US. He prayed for any supporter that he doesn’t know who is mindful enough to donate that God would richly bless their lives.

Tonight was one of those nights where you feel grateful to just be alive. Grateful to just serve a God who is so much bigger than we can understand. Grateful to be able to love, and be loved by a God, and by these children who show me how much the father’s love can grow. How deep and never ending love is, how powerful it is, and how perfect love casts out all fear.Grateful to serve a God who so carefully pieces together our lives, and unites us with the ones were supposed to be with from different sides of the world. In our prayer circle I look at the different faces of our children and remember their stories. Their stories are a real life examples of the father’s love and how the father has listened to our prayers. I see their faces and think about how crazy it is that he picked me up and placed me in this rural part of Ghana, and brought children from different parts of the country, and some other countries, and placed us all here. I feel humbled everyday to be a small part of God’s work and how he is moving so powerfully in 2016. At this very moment. I see how God is moving in their hearts, and minds, and I am in awe. 

You see when I wrote this journal

  • was a student at UNC
  • had no clue what life in Ghana would really look like
  • who, or how many children would be coming into our care
  • how truly amazing they each are
  • how difficult this work is
  • how much GOD would come through for me time and time and time again
  • how long I would even stay in Ghana

And then I…

packed up my bags

moved to a new country

across the ocean

on a different continent

far away from everything and anything I knew or was used to

not knowing that I’d stay more than a few months

not knowing that I’d start to see and call Ghana home

(cross, check and check)

You see there was SO many questions, and unanswered things, yet I just kept writing and writing and praying to prepare myself, I am not sure if anything could ever fully prepare myself for this, but just like my other post God is near, He is with us every step of the way.

I continue to fill  a new journal up, with hopes, dreams, aspirations, passions and stories of life in Ghana, so this moment will never escape me. Trying to capture the real moments that makes my time so unique here. The hardships, the frustrations, the difficulties, the amazing moments and all the in between moments.(Like watching the kids play a game on my phone, or watching them dance after school, writing down the funny things they say and do, and hearing their future dreams.) So that when I am older and have seen where God has taken my life and PNN I can just open my journal and find myself right back in Ghana. Where it all began.

With the first 22 names written on the back of my pink notebook. The 22 names who have become the greatset lawyers,doctors, engineers, presidents, pastors, nurses Ghana has yet to see. And in that moment I will smile, and just remember them as my first 22, and be able to treasure these amazing moments.

You are all loved,


What does orphan Sunday mean to you?


I know it isn’t Sunday, its Tuesday.

I know orphan Sunday has passed, but has it really?

I’m not sure what orphan Sunday meant to you? Maybe it didn’t mean much, maybe it meant nothing at all. But to me, it meant everything. Having the ability to be apart of these children’s lives who were once abandoned, and now accepted in a home and family means the world to me. It means laying down my wants and needs to help them fulfil theirs. I have never knew real strength or perseverance the way these kids do. Yes I have endured challenges and hardships in my life, but not to the extent that these kids have. Have I ever known the true pain of starvation and hunger?

No. I have not.

Some of the kids have told me what they went through before coming to PNN. Some of the children told me how they would cry at night because of their hunger pains, because the food never came. I could only hold back my tears and be strong for them and hear them say that “God is too good” because now they have clothes to wear, food to eat , a shelter, and a family to call their own. They are coming to know their heavenly Father through seeing exactly what He has done in their lives. How He has removed them from their pain and placed them in a place of hope, a place with a bright future. I have not known what it feels like to not even know my roots, my birthday or where my parents went. But these kids do. To be confronted with this is one thing, to think about it is another thing. I want to use my voice everyday, not just on Orphan Sunday for my kids at PNN, and the 147 million out there with no one. Let’s use our voices to bring their stories to life. To allow their struggle and voices to be heard. To unite on different sides of the world, and stand united in the struggle together. It is easy to forget about all of these children because their struggle is so hard to relate to, it seems impossible to imagine. Working with them, living with them I cannot use my voice for anything besides them, to tell of their strength, to talk about the hope now found in their lives, and to speak on behalf of the millions of others, and hope that you would consider them too.


The craziest thing of all of this is that they are kids. Kids that weren’t allowed to even be kids. It is not fair that children have to go through these horrible things. But that is the world we live in, unjust things happen, children suffer, people suffer, but we have hope in a God who is much bigger than all of the unfair things that happen in the world. Why? Because He loved us so much that there is grace offered through a sacrifice called Jesus Christ. Without this grace that we are so undeserving of there is hope for all of us, hope for all who live to know who Jesus Christ is, and live to know how we can live like him. What made me fall in love with who Christ is in my life is his love for the children. Over and over again we learn about how much the Father and His son love children, and how they will never be turned away, because the kingdom of heaven is theirs. Children are close to the heart of God, they are highly valued and appreciated. So thinking about orphans we as Christians are told in the bible that we must care for those widows and orphaned in society. Thinking about the least of these, we are actually helping Christ himself. So won’t you join me by mentioning all of these children in your thoughts and prayers? Won’t you promise not to forget the millions of children out there with no one to stand up for their rights? If we unite as one in a common cause we have the power through Christ to make a change in this world. Because we have hope in the one who loved us first.

Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Psalm  82:3


That is what excites me about all that GOD is doing at Project Nyame Nsa!